May 8, 2011

Case Study: Ziff Davis Digital Publishing

Continuing my digital publishing blogging frenzy, I have decided to develop a brief case study for Ziff Davis.

Ziff Davis, Inc. is one of the world’s best-known publishers of leading technology-based digital content products. Brands within the Network include ExtremeTech, Gearlog, Appscout, Smart Device Central, GoodCleanTech, DL.TV, Cranky Geeks, and PCMag. The Network’s content is delivered worldwide to readers across a multiple platform of Web sites, e-newsletters, Webcasts, broadband video, software downloads and RSS feeds to users in more than 20 countries. 

Ziff Davis, Inc. has abandoned print and went all digital in January 2009. Today the former magazine publisher is focused on digital content, data and commerce.

The company I would say does have quality content; one of its brands, PC Mag, probably is
 the most trusted buying recommendations for technology products and services across the globe. Other brands in the network as well are highly credible and provide means for the company to curate information from its network. The company however doesn’t give much space for consumers to engage and interact with its content. If you look at the website, it’s pretty much static with no social elements what so ever.

The website is also not very well optimized for mobile devices, besides there is no app neither for smartphones nor tablets.
Individual sites within the network though do have much better presence online; the websites are much more engaging and user-friendly. What Ziff Davis can do is try to filter and curate data from its individual sites within its network, and provide this information for users on various mediums. This way it will tackle both valuable content and medium. It also needs to incorporate more social signals on its platform whether it is a website, blog, or app.

Let me hear your thoughts on my case study in the comments below.

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