May 14, 2011

Creative Advertising Concept for H&M [video]

Last month me and my friend Suraj, took part in Future Lions advertising contest. The brief was to advertise a product from a global brand in a way that could not have been done five years ago, to an audience of our choosing. We had around 3 days of intense brainstorming and finally ended up with an idea for H&M. 

Have a look at the video... 

What do you think of the concept? How can it be improved? Let me know in the comments below. 


  1. Well, i think whether 5 years ago, now or in the near future(Kinect shopping experience) people will always like to spend hours shopping, its not about finding what they need, its about enjoying trying themselves in different outlooks.'s just my opinion

  2. very interesting, I believe this will be the near future of shopping

  3. @Ahmed Hany - Misho Sorry for the late reply. I agree with you, users do like to try things on. But if you can find ways to make it easier for them to find items that would most likely fit their taste, compare it with other items in its category, tell them where exactly the item is located in the store (some H&M stores are huge), buy directly using the phone and skip the queue, share what they bought with friends.. all done using their phone. Lets say you're somewhere downtown, the app can locate you, tell you where the nearest H&M store is, and whether there's sale going on maybe!
    In general, mobile is playing a bigger role in our lives, it's an opportunity for marketers that shouldn't be missed.